WIP – Revising Scene 39



Scene 39

I revised scene 38.


Wooo hooo.

Three scenes in three days.

Scene 39 (May 28th)

When I replanned my WIP, I was undecided how to write this scene.  As I said earlier, I wrote my entire first draft thinking I was doing dialog.  But scenes where my MC wasn’t in the center of the dialog puzzled me.  And I met this problem again.

In this scene, my MC is the object of negotiations.  She isn’t permitted to say very much by men in power.  Instead, they expect her to sit on a dais, look pretty, and accept whatever they negotiate.  That scenario, clearly, isn’t dialog.

Since much of this would happen in her mind, I briefly considered contemplative, but I needed new information to come out.  So that left either dramatic or suspense.  And, since I couldn’t think of any decisions I wanted her to make, I settled on suspense.

And, whether my intuition led me to the perfect answer, or I bent my scene to fit my template, I’m not sure.  But I found a perfect fear for her, being married off against her will, for the second time in her life.  I found a way to raise that fear early in the scene, stoked it, and finally sprung the trap.

I hope it reads as well as I think it did.

How Am I Doing?

Well, remember how proud I was about saving words.  I gave them all back today.  With 1833 words in Scene 39, I brought myself to 48 words over my budget.  I hope I can trim a word her or there later on.

With my new math, Scene 39 means I’ve written 44 scenes, with 35 to go.  But, I’ve got 66,534 words down.  I’m getting tummy flutters thinking about just 53,466 words to go.  I almost want to pinch myself to see if this is real.

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