WIP – Revising Scenes 40 and 41



Scenes 40 and 41

I revised scene 39.



Don’t mind me. I just fell off my high horse.

I boasted of revising three scenes in three days and…I fell off. Not much hurt except my pride.

Anyway, back to back scenes. But I wonder if I will ever revise multiple scenes in one day again. Maybe not.

Scene 40 (May 30th)

Scene 40 amazes me. When I first laid out my story, like most writers, I was having trouble finding things to put into my middle. I guess that’s part of sagging middles. Never mind that I found too much to put into Part Two (cutting 5,015 words) and Part Three (cutting 5,838 words and needing to cut over 34,000 words total).

As I dreamed up my story, I wondered how to connect my MC and her villain / love interest. They open, together, in Scene One. After that, they only occasionally met, but always as part of some larger gathering.

And yet, to make her attraction to him believable, I needed to put them together before the Climax of my story. I eventually hit on a way for him to slip into her heavily guarded camp and meet her, at risk of capture and hanging.

And I wound up liking this scene. A lot. When I revised, I’d assumed it would be dramatic. But, shocking her into fear he would be captured seems so natural. So, suspense was my only choice.

Scene 41 (May 31st)

Starting with Scene 41, we leave my MC and follow one of her primary supporters and her villain love / interest. I’ve implied she is in great peril, and things are about to get worse than she can even imagine.

When I replanned, I had assumed Scene 41 would be Action. But, once again, I was incorrect. For, if we are uncovering a grand conspiracy, what better scene type than, you guessed it, another Suspense scene.

I think I’ve fallen in love with Suspense.  Just call me Alfreda Hitchcock from now on.

How Am I Doing?

I’ve written 69,560 words now, with less than 51,000 to go. In my new math, I’ve completed 46 scenes with 33 to go. Can I really be rushing down toward the end? Herds of butterflies are swirling in my tummy. When will this roller-coaster stop dropping. Ha.

I’m still doing pretty good with my word count. But any surplus I’d build up is gone, and I’m 74 words over. And I confess to looking past Scene 42 to Scene 43, which was a monstrous 5,200 words long. And I’ve got other scenes which are even more bloated.

Read about scene 42 and 43.

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