WIP – Revising Scenes 59 and 71 – 74



Scenes 59 and 71 – 74

I revised scenes 67 – 70.


I’m done.

How strange.  What will I do now?

Scene 59 (June 26th)

I wrote Scene 59.  After that, I had nothing more to write.  Scene 59 isn’t my story’s last scene, but I waited until I’d finished everything else before I came back to it.

I was so worried about Part Four’s word count that I tried scrimping and saving words for this one.  And I needn’t have worried.  In my first draft, I used 4,800 words.  This time, I needed but 3,600 words.

I wonder why I worried so much?

Except, if this were a movie, Scene 59 is the one where thousands of extras march around and buildings are blow to pieces, and fires rage out of control.  I’m not sure my approach was right.  Time will tell. Continue reading


WIP – Revising Scenes 67 – 70



Scenes 67 -70

I revised scenes 61, 62, 64 and 66.


I’m back to writing scenes in order.

And the further I get from poor old scene 59, the more I wonder if I need it.

But…I will write it anyway.

Scene 67 (June 22nd)

I wrote Scene 67 as dramatic.

When I wrote my first draft, I still wasn’t completely sure how my MC could relate to her villain / love interest.  And this scene was almost a throw in, because I wanted her to dither about what she was going to do, before deciding what to do.

Instead, I was able to use another character to try to force her into accepting the villain / love interest back.  Only, this time, she is strong enough and motivated enough that she doesn’t even dream of it.

So, finally, I think I have her right. Continue reading

WIP – Revising Scenes 61, 62, 64, 66



Scenes 61, 62, 64, and 66

I revised scenes 58 and 63.


I’ve never written around scenes before.

I’m waiting on Scene 59 until I know what my overall word count turns out to be.

I was very worried about not knowing every detail in my big battle.  But, something strange is happening.  I’m starting to wonder how much I’m actually going to need.

How strange.

Scene 61 (18 June)

I changed my POV for this scene.  My new POV hadn’t even been in this scene.  But he is my super spy, so he can go anywhere, and be with anyone…I hope.

I decided to write Scene 61 using Rosenfeld’s dramatic template.  In my story flow, my big battle has already happened.  How strange it was for my characters to speak of things which had already happened for them, but hasn’t happened for me.  After some struggles, I used 1,000 words.

I will need to keep everything straight. Continue reading

WIP – Revising Scenes 58 and 63



Scenes 58 and 63

I revised scenes 54 – 57.


Okay.  So now what?

After I finished celebrating at finishing Part Three, I sat down and looked at my plan for Part Four.  After all, in Part Three I deleted over 34,000 words and finished with 36,000 words.  And, my story still flowed.

How hard could Part Four be?  In my first draft, I used 40,000 words.  This time?  I wanted only 24,000, so I could keep my story proportions right, and finish with 120,000.  I thought I wanted seventeen scenes.  And all my scenes seemed important.  But, I could just start writing.  My plan was wrong.

After wringing my hands, I decided that, I could still tell my story in fifteen scenes.  Bye bye scenes 60 and 65.  But I still wasn’t comfortable.  In my second scene, my MC fights THE big battle in my book.  So, I couldn’t just divide 24,000 by fifteen.  I’m going to need every word I can scrape up to write that scene.

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WIP – Revising Scenes 54 – 57



Scenes 54 Through 57

I revised scenes 52 – 53.


Three days.

Five scenes.

When I started, I thought I was writing four scenes. To be honest, I could easily have written it as ten scenes. I settled on five scenes.

But, I survived Part Three. Just like my MC. Wooooo hooooo.

Scene 54 (June 13th)

I wrote Scene 54 using Rosenfeld’s dramatic template. I built on Scene 51. My MC struggled with the death of her mentor. Writing it brought back memories of recent deaths in our family. I was in tears after I finished.

Scene 54A (June 13th)

I broke part of Scene 54 away, since it began to reintegrate her personality. I leaned heavily on action, although I’m not sure how well that worked. I found a way to cut my word count down more than half by focusing more tightly on my MC, getting it down to around 1,000 words. Continue reading

WIP – Revising Scenes 52 – 53



Scenes 52 and 53

I revised scenes 48 – 51.


Two days.

Two scenes.

I’m scrambling to save words. And I decided I would write each scene in 1,000 words each.

Scene 52 (June 11th)

I wrote Scene 52 as dramatic. But I needed to switch my POV. And this gave me an opportunity to think about my scene’s purpose. I needed my villain / love interest to enter this scene, believing he has won. And all he need do is begin rebuilding, starting with his family.

In my first draft, he had let one of his junior villains argue his points. In this version, he advances his arguments, acting with confidence and determination. When he meets resistance from his family, he is heavy handed and looses their support.

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WIP – Revising Scenes 48 – 51



Scenes 48 – 51

I revised scenes 46 and 47.


Four scenes in two days.

I’m shocked

I wonder if they are any good? Or have I hacked so much out that I can no longer follow my story?

Scene 48 which became Scene 47 (9 June)

I swapped my scene order. Scene 48 became scene 47.
When I approached this scene, I needed to change my POV. I wanted to bring readers up to date on another subplot. And I need this subplot because this will all come to a head as we move into Part Four.

Since I was imparting new information, I chose Rosenfeld’s Dialog template. I hope in infused enough tension into my scene to keep readers turning the page.

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