WIP – Revising Scenes 44 and 45



Scenes 44 and 45

I revised scenes 42 and 43.


Three days.

Two more scenes. I might have gotten three, but yesterday was totally crazy. I think I’m lucky to still be alive.

I’m about to plunge my MC into hell. I feel so sorry for her. But…not sorry enough to let her escape. This is going to hurt me more than I hurt her.

Scene 44 (June 3rd)

My POV was new.  And I wrote it, more or less, as Action.  I wasn’t as rigorous about Rosenfeld’s template as I’ve been.  I will see how I feel about my scene when I reread everything.

My scene was, pretty much, new.  About all I can say about my new scene is that it falls in the same time frame as my original.

I wrote two versions. I used almost 1,500 words in my first revision. I added material that I hadn’t planned on, but was able to stay down where I needed to be. But, I worried about my next scene being too long.

With good reason. Scene 45 took far too many words, even when I snipped and cut. So, I returned to Scene 44 and took that spontaneous material out. I used Scrivener’s snapshot feature to save my original version. Should I ever need it, I can bring back my original words.

Scene 45 (June 45)

I relied on my memory for creating suspense scenes, and not writing out Rosenfeld’s template.  As with Scene 44, I will see how I feel about it when I have more distance from it.

With Scene 45, my MC begins her descent into hell. She will lose everything she holds dear. And she will finally face her faults.
When I wrote my first revision, I used nearly 2,500 words. And, since I need to be saving words for scenes late in Part Four, I had to go back and scrub. I managed to cut fat, and some minor stuff to take 700 words out. With that, I went back to Scene 44 and found a way to balance stay under my target word count.

How Am I Doing?

I’m up to 75,219 words, 267 under my target for Part Three. And I’ve got 50 scenes with 29 to go.

I’m managing to keep myself in suspense on this word count. Even though my Part Three is now 11,000 words smaller than my first draft, I’m still going to have to take 23,000 words out. I wonder how I’m going to do that?

Read about scenes 46 and 47.

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