WIP – Revising Scenes 46 and 47



Scenes 46 and 47

I revised scenes 44 and 45.


I needed to take time off for family stuff.

Then I was back to it.  Two scenes.

Scene 46 (June 7th)

When I wrote my first draft, I had wanted as much suspense as I could get into this scene. So Rosenfeld’s suspense template was perfect.

My original scene had 2,500 words. Alas, I’ve only 1,500 words in my budget. But I had felt my original scene had developed too slowly.  I trimmed my front end, getting my MC into peril as quickly as I could.

I also had dialog between my MC and another character that seemed wrong.  They were fighting, and going over the top.  So, I trimmed that all back.

I’ve begun thinking about what happens after this revision.  I needed to revise my story to bring everything into proper proportion, and get my story elements to fall where I wanted them to.  I also wanted to get my scene types down.

But I haven’t done much with characterization.  And I want to focus on bringing my characters to life when I go back and revise.  I’ve no idea how much time I should allow.  I revised Scene 1 on March 21st.  And here it is in mid-June, and I’m still not done.  I wonder if I can just go back into Revision two as soon as I finish.

Scene 47 (June 8th)

Scene 47, in my first draft, was two scenes. One of my original scenes fit this timeframe perfectly. But my second scene, set further on in Part Three, had only bits and pieces that I could use.

I used this scene as Pinch Point Two. I wanted to show my villain’s nature and power. He is at his height, believing that he had won. And I let him strut.  Then I slipped in my big reveal, and brought him back to earth.

How Am I Doing?

I’m up to 78,068 words, 418 under my target for Part Three. And I’’ve reached 52 scenes with 27 to go.  I really feel like I’m picking up speed.

But I still have to cut 23,000 original words in my last ten scenes. I can hardly wait to see how I manage this. Ha.

Read about scene 48 – 51

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