WIP – Revising Scenes 48 – 51



Scenes 48 – 51

I revised scenes 46 and 47.


Four scenes in two days.

I’m shocked

I wonder if they are any good? Or have I hacked so much out that I can no longer follow my story?

Scene 48 which became Scene 47 (9 June)

I swapped my scene order. Scene 48 became scene 47.
When I approached this scene, I needed to change my POV. I wanted to bring readers up to date on another subplot. And I need this subplot because this will all come to a head as we move into Part Four.

Since I was imparting new information, I chose Rosenfeld’s Dialog template. I hope in infused enough tension into my scene to keep readers turning the page.

I also saw a change to enhance the reveal in the old Scene 47. By moving this scene before the big reveal, I could add more pressure and tension. I hope.

Scene 49 (9 June)

Starting with Scene 49, my MC quickly spirals down to her lowest point. I had given this sequence much thought. My fear was that I would have to compress so much no one would be able to follow the jumps.

I was greatly aided in writing this because, in an earlier writing exercise, I had used part of this scene to experiment with Sandra Scofield’s scene layering. Inspired, I banged it out.

By moving our microscope in just a little, I focused on others sacrificing themselves for her, and getting her to change her direction. I used Rosenfeld’s Suspense template, more or less.

Scene 50 (10 June)

I feared writing Scene 50. This is my ALL IS LOST SCENE. And I had used three scenes in my first draft. With just 1,500 words, I wasn’t sure I could weave anything coherent. I decided on action, in part, because I wouldn’t have to spend lots of words on her internalities.

I missed, hitting a bit over 1,900. I hope I got what I needed.

Scene 51 (10 June)

Scene 51 also scared me. I had to write her DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL / EPIPHANY. I leaned heavily on Rosenfeld’s suggestions.
When I’d written my first draft, I’d spent time in her mind. And, for the most part, I stayed there. I needed her to move from selfishness to sacrifice. I hope I made it believable.

How Am I Doing?

I’m up to 84,020 words, 466 under my target for Part Three. And I’ve reached 56 scenes with 23 to go.

But, I’m not free and clear yet.

I still have to cut 17,000 original words in my last six scenes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I just cut 7,000 words in my last four scenes I’ve just written. How can I keep this up? My tummy continues to churn.

Read about Scenes 52 and 53.

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