WIP – Revising Scenes 52 – 53



Scenes 52 and 53

I revised scenes 48 – 51.


Two days.

Two scenes.

I’m scrambling to save words. And I decided I would write each scene in 1,000 words each.

Scene 52 (June 11th)

I wrote Scene 52 as dramatic. But I needed to switch my POV. And this gave me an opportunity to think about my scene’s purpose. I needed my villain / love interest to enter this scene, believing he has won. And all he need do is begin rebuilding, starting with his family.

In my first draft, he had let one of his junior villains argue his points. In this version, he advances his arguments, acting with confidence and determination. When he meets resistance from his family, he is heavy handed and looses their support.

I had hoped to write this in 1,000 words and I used 987. So I had started off well.

Scene 53 (June 12th)

I switched back to my other junior villain (I have two), and combined two scenes. I…guess…it’s dialog. But I mixed in heavy action as well. Maybe I succeeded. Maybe not.

If, in my next round of revisions, I eliminate this POV, I will delete Scene 53 as well. But, for now, this little darling stays. I need m junior villain to act as he does in order that my next six scenes make sense. Or am I just falling into explaining again.

My second reading is going to be so important. I hope I learn enough to save my story.

I had hoped to write this one in 1,000 words. I was close, using 1,109.

How Am I Doing?

I’m up to 86,116 words, 1m370 under my target for Part Three. And I’ve reached 58 scenes with 21 to go.

And I’ve finally reached the hardest part. I have 10,370 words to write my last four scenes, which I suspect are really five. In my first draft, I used almost 22,000 words, so I must cut almost 12,000 words. I am afraid.

I feel like I’m in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense movies. How can I ever do this?

Read about scenes 54 – 57.

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