WIP – Revising Scenes 54 – 57



Scenes 54 Through 57

I revised scenes 52 – 53.


Three days.

Five scenes.

When I started, I thought I was writing four scenes. To be honest, I could easily have written it as ten scenes. I settled on five scenes.

But, I survived Part Three. Just like my MC. Wooooo hooooo.

Scene 54 (June 13th)

I wrote Scene 54 using Rosenfeld’s dramatic template. I built on Scene 51. My MC struggled with the death of her mentor. Writing it brought back memories of recent deaths in our family. I was in tears after I finished.

Scene 54A (June 13th)

I broke part of Scene 54 away, since it began to reintegrate her personality. I leaned heavily on action, although I’m not sure how well that worked. I found a way to cut my word count down more than half by focusing more tightly on my MC, getting it down to around 1,000 words.

Scene 55 (June 13th)

When I revised my WIP, I thought my scene would be contemplative. But, as I read over my original work, dialog seemed to fit better. I’m not sure if I was too heavy-handed, or if I explained too much. My Second Reading might tell me more than I can tell now. I cut my original scene down to about one-third it’s original size.

Scene 56 (June 14th)

Scene 56 was my first really big challenge. I decided on suspense, and, somehow, found ways cut down from 6,500 to 2,000 words. I focused on essentials and worked on my MC’s relationship with someone she hoped would be her knight in shining armor.

Scene 57 (June 15th)

And then came Scene 57.  I had dreaded this one since I started Part Three.  Now, I stood at the basement door, knowing I had heard strange noises from below.  I simply had to go down and look.

I wrote scene 57 as suspense, with heavy touches of drama and some action. I thought about creating several scenes, but decided I would deal with that in my second revision.

My original scenes, three of them, had taken 8,300 words. And I had all my remaining words from Part Three. I used about 5,000 words.

I had been under the mistaken impression, when I planned this, I had forgotten what I had written into this sequence. This was all about her journey back from her dark night of the soul. As I worked my way through the sequence, I could see logical steps.

I wonder how it will read?

How Am I Doing?

I’m up to 96,354 words, 132 words under my target for Part Three, and 354 words over my target for my entire story. I’ve reached 63 scenes with 17 to go.
I can’t believe I just trimmed 34,473 words from Part Three! And, I think I kept my story integrity. I wonder, though, if some of the scenes are going to seem too thin, creating a cryptic story that won’t make sense. Who knew?

I feel like I’m in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense movies. And I just survived going down the stairs and opening that door. Ha.

Read about revising scenes 58 and 63.

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