WIP – Revising Scenes 58 and 63



Scenes 58 and 63

I revised scenes 54 – 57.


Okay.  So now what?

After I finished celebrating at finishing Part Three, I sat down and looked at my plan for Part Four.  After all, in Part Three I deleted over 34,000 words and finished with 36,000 words.  And, my story still flowed.

How hard could Part Four be?  In my first draft, I used 40,000 words.  This time?  I wanted only 24,000, so I could keep my story proportions right, and finish with 120,000.  I thought I wanted seventeen scenes.  And all my scenes seemed important.  But, I could just start writing.  My plan was wrong.

After wringing my hands, I decided that, I could still tell my story in fifteen scenes.  Bye bye scenes 60 and 65.  But I still wasn’t comfortable.  In my second scene, my MC fights THE big battle in my book.  So, I couldn’t just divide 24,000 by fifteen.  I’m going to need every word I can scrape up to write that scene.

I did two things.  I looked very hard at what I wanted to do with my scenes, then decided on word counts for each scene.  And…I decided to write my scenes out-of-order, starting with my smallest scenes, and then working my way up to my largest scene.  I’ve never written out-of-order before.  I wonder what I will learn?  Ha.

Scene 63

I decided on Scene 63 because suspense was perfect for my scene, and I wanted only 1,000 words.  Besides, I got to kill one of my junior villains.  He has always scared me, so I was happy to wash him out of my hair.  And, since I’d settled on suspense, I sharpened my focus and rewarded him with an ignominious death, one he worked so hard to earn.  As I wrote my scene, I realized I need to give one of my spear carriers more lines elsewhere in my story so readers can share justice being served.

Scene 58

Scene 58 was next, because I’d decided on another suspense scene with 1,000 words.  Not only that, I needed to change POV’s.  In my scene, I got to run another junior villain out-of-town.  And I loved writing it.  Even though I used far fewer words than my original, I worked in details and interesting tidbits.  How fun.

How Am I Doing?

I’ve written 65 scenes, with thirteen to go.  And I’ve got 98,370 words down.  How can this be real?

I wanted to write scene 58 and 63 in 1,000 words each, and wound up 16 words over.  I’ve used 1,400 words less than I did in my first draft, so I’m starting well.  To tell a little secret, I’d hope to find words here, but….  I feel like I’m holding my breath again, just like Part Three.  Can I really do this?

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