WIP – Revising Scenes 61, 62, 64, 66



Scenes 61, 62, 64, and 66

I revised scenes 58 and 63.


I’ve never written around scenes before.

I’m waiting on Scene 59 until I know what my overall word count turns out to be.

I was very worried about not knowing every detail in my big battle.  But, something strange is happening.  I’m starting to wonder how much I’m actually going to need.

How strange.

Scene 61 (18 June)

I changed my POV for this scene.  My new POV hadn’t even been in this scene.  But he is my super spy, so he can go anywhere, and be with anyone…I hope.

I decided to write Scene 61 using Rosenfeld’s dramatic template.  In my story flow, my big battle has already happened.  How strange it was for my characters to speak of things which had already happened for them, but hasn’t happened for me.  After some struggles, I used 1,000 words.

I will need to keep everything straight.

Scene 62 (19 June)

I wrote Scene 62, also as dramatic.  I reveal how the big battle turned out.  Originally, I thought I would use dialog to reveal this.  And I wrote an entire scene that way.  I went to bed, and woke up knowing I’d missed my chance for something really dramatic.  While my scene isn’t as good as Carla breaking all her china and crystal in Godfather, I had fun.

When I made my change, I suddenly got my scene down to 1,000 words.

Scene 64 (20 June)

I thought I could breathe easier, now that I was out into 2,000 word scenes.  But keeping my words down proved just as hard.  I wrote Scene 64 as suspense.  I suspect I’ve actually got two scenes here.  When I relook at all this, I might very well break scene 64 apart.

Scene 66 (21 June)

Scene 66 could have been dramatic, but I decided on suspense.  I think I’m getting hooked on suspense.  I wonder if I’m writing them very well?  I squeezed down to 2,000 words, once again.

I looked forward to writing this scene.  My MC confronts her villain / love interest after a lot of things have happened to both of them.  She has all but won the external battle, in that big battle scene I’m going to write, but she has yet to win her internal battle.  And she will struggle with her feelings for him for the rest of my story.

How Am I Doing?

Writing somewhat out-of-order has been strange.  But I’m getting very definite ideas on what I want to do in my Big Battle scene.  I’m sure I will use every word I save for it, but part of me is wondering how important it is anymore.  How strange.

I have just nine scenes to go.  Imagine, I’m down in single numbers.  What a trip.

I’ve written 7,988 words so far in Part Four, which means I’ve built up a saving of twelve entire words.  Unlike my experience in Part Three, I’m not finding much low hanging fruit.  Still, I’ve written Part Four with over 9,000 fewer words than my first draft.  And I’m cautiously optimistic I can bring in Part Four where I want.

While I’m not worried yet, I am 342 words bigger than I sat out to do.  But, still, I’ve cut 32,000 words out, and I still think my story works.  Actually, I think it works better than it did.

I wish I knew what I was doing to my pacing.  I bet I would either bore readers to death, or give them heart attacks.  Ha.

Read About Scenes 67 – 70.

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