WIP – Revising Scenes 59 and 71 – 74



Scenes 59 and 71 – 74

I revised scenes 67 – 70.


I’m done.

How strange.  What will I do now?

Scene 59 (June 26th)

I wrote Scene 59.  After that, I had nothing more to write.  Scene 59 isn’t my story’s last scene, but I waited until I’d finished everything else before I came back to it.

I was so worried about Part Four’s word count that I tried scrimping and saving words for this one.  And I needn’t have worried.  In my first draft, I used 4,800 words.  This time, I needed but 3,600 words.

I wonder why I worried so much?

Except, if this were a movie, Scene 59 is the one where thousands of extras march around and buildings are blow to pieces, and fires rage out of control.  I’m not sure my approach was right.  Time will tell.

Scene 71 (June 25th)

Scene 71 was my climax.

I’ve worried about this scene since I began revising my story, not quite knowing how to play my MC.  But, I found a path.

Did I get my scene’s flow right?  I think so.  Does my scene have enough punch?  Probably not.  But my MC does everything I wanted her to do.  She stared temptation in the face, yearned for forbidden fruit, and then slapped her villain / love interest.  I knew her far better than I imagined, and she stayed true to herself.

Scene 72 (June 25th)

I began my denouement over the next several scenes.  I used far fewer words than I thought I would.  I will revisit this scene, because I want more pathos than I have now.  But, overall, I’m still happy with it.

Scene 73 (June 25th)

I finished my denouement with a series of meetings between my MC and important characters.  As best I could, I tied everything off.  I will still need to go back and make sure I didn’t miss anyone.

I’m not fond of writing these any more than I am reading them.  But, my alarm bells go off when I don’t find them in stories.

Scene 74 (June 26th)

When I wrote this ending, I was far happier with it than my first draft.  I had planned my first and last scenes, side by side.  And I tried to wedge everything in, gracefully. I’m waiting to read it in sequence.  I already feel happier about how I finished my story.  Who knows, maybe those denouements actually do something.

How Am I Doing?

I’m done.

I wrote Part Four in a little over 22,000 words, somewhat short of 24,000. If I want to expand any of my scenes, I’ve got something left in my bank account.

And, I restructured my story, telling it in 117,454 words if I believe Scrivener, instead of 168,000 words.  I knew what I wanted to do with my scenes, thanks to Rosenfeld.  And I trimmed and added to get my story beats where I wanted them, and my story parts into proportions I felt I needed.

When I decide on my next steps, I might start another how-I-stumbled-through series.



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