Revising My WIP – Working On Dramatic Scenes


Revising My WIP

Working On Dramatic Scenes

I revised my dialog scenes, and wrote about them here and here.

waking up1Well, I started working on my dramatic scenes.  But I can’t say I finished them.

I thought I had 29 of them when I started.  It turned out I had 28, so far.

I hoped my earlier experience with converting scenes from other scenes into Dramatic Scenes would help me.  I don’t think it hurt, but it hasn’t been easy, either.  I updated five scenes in four days.
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Revising My WIP – (Finished) Working On Dialog Scenes


Revising My WIP

(Finished) Working On Dialog Scenes

I started revising my dialog scenes.

waking up1I’m a little weary of dialog scenes…

…but I’m done with them…for the moment.

I revised ten in five says and moved one to the Dramatic pile.  So, I either got faster, stopped caring, or had better material to work with.

I wrote about how Dialog Scenes function in a story, and how to write them in an earlier post so I won’t bore you. Continue reading

Revising My WIP – Working On Dialog Scenes


Revising My WIP

Working On Dialog Scenes

I revised my action scenes, and I was tempted to send my manuscript to a publisher.

waking up1Dialog scenes?

When I wrote my first draft, I thought every scene that had words in was a dialog scene.  I almost cry at how much I didn’t know.  I wonder how much I still don’t know.

One of my biggest fears, when I wrote my WIP,  was talking heads.  That’s a scene where characters talk and talk and talk.  But, we don’t know where they are, and nothing seems to happen. Continue reading

Should I Have Submitted


Should I Have Submitted?

I revised all my action scenes.

confession aI clicked on the link and read it.

My heart sped up and my tummy fluttered.  Should I do it, or not?  Would I still like myself if I did?

After all, I did have a complete story that was more than a first draft.  And, they only wanted three chapters or 15,000 words.  But…I’m part way to Revision Two, and I won’t finish my second revision for a long time.  I wondered if I could complete revising before the end of September.

So, telling myself I was only doing it for experience, I decided to pull together what they wanted, a synopsis and either three chapters or 15,000 words.

And I began to learn things.  Finding 15,000 words was easy.  After all, my first twelve scenes were over 15,000 words.  But, they were scenes, not chapters.  In my writing, I’ve never given chapters much thought.  So I asked around and got helpful answers like you will just know it because of the natural breaks or they have their own rhythm.

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Revising My WIP – Writing Action Scenes


Revising My WIP

Writing Action Scenes

I began improving my revised story by converting scenes to suspense.

waking up1Action scenes.

What’s so hard about that?

I mean, things happen.  People fight with swords and cars crash through barriers and things blow up.

But…have you watched an action scene and come away confused.  You weren’t quite sure what happened, or why.  The scene seems to be an excuse for special effects.

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Late Night Sweets


Late Night Sweets

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah and the Christmas elves.

mothLeekah nudged Anibui until she landed on the ledge just like any Navy pilot. She was hungry.

When the widow opened, the AC nearly blew her off. “May I serve you?”

“Where’s Raphael?”.

“Night off. Never told me about fairy traffic.”

She fluffed her hair. He was cute. “Really.”

“I thought he was crazy. Ready to order little lady?”

That joke again. “I wanted a French Fry, but I’m watching my weight.”

“You look great.”

She pirouetted slowly. “Green makes me look fat.”

“Nah, You’re hot.”

“How sweet.” Was he up-selling her? Maybe not. “A Fry then, only small.”

Read about Leekah staring down a lion.

Revising My WIP – Changing Suspense Scenes


Revising My WIP

Changing Suspense Scenes

I began improving my revised story by converting scenes to dramatic.

waking up1Changing suspense scenes?

What’s a suspense scene, anyway?

In suspense scenes, external circumstances for my POV into a course of action they never even got to pick.  Things happened and, wham, they’re off to something new.

But, you say, this sounds like she’s caught up in circumstances she can’t control.  Doesn’t that make her a victim?  Only in the sense that she doesn’t control the scene’s outcome.

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