Revising My WIP – (Finished) Working On Dialog Scenes


Revising My WIP

(Finished) Working On Dialog Scenes

I started revising my dialog scenes.

waking up1I’m a little weary of dialog scenes…

…but I’m done with them…for the moment.

I revised ten in five says and moved one to the Dramatic pile.  So, I either got faster, stopped caring, or had better material to work with.

I wrote about how Dialog Scenes function in a story, and how to write them in an earlier post so I won’t bore you.

How am I doing with Dialog Scenes now?

Better, I hope.  I’ve done enough that I can see how important foreshadowing is for the Reveal.  In some ways, they seem like Suspense Scenes.  But what makes them different is that the Reveal springs from the give-and-take of the dialog the POV participates in.  In Suspense Scenes, the POV reacts to external stimuli which isn’t necessarily dialog.  I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

Another aspect I worked on was how the POV reacted to the Reveal.   And I treated it like a Jack Bickham sequel to a scene, which it was.  My POV reacted emotionally.  After that, sometimes, they debated what had just happened.  And they often decided what they were going to do with what they had learned.  I also tried to convey how this changed them.

What’s next?

I added no new scenes, so, I’m still at 96.  Since I’ve revised 22 scenes, and I have 74 to go.  That’s such a large number that I can’t even hope to see the end of this.  And then there is Characterization.  Gack.

I’m turning my attention to Dramatic Scenes.  When I first started revising scenes, I converted sixteen scenes from whatever they were, usually Dialog Scenes, to either Dramatic or Suspense Scenes.  I’m hoping my experience will help me figure out how to write Dramatic Scenes quicker.  But there are 29.  Revising them will take forever, so I should just put of my mind ever finishing these.

When I approached this revision, I could have done them in scene order.  Instead, I decided to do them by scene type.  I did my action scenes first, and now I’ve done my dialog scenes.  When I open a  new scene, I scan the prior and succeeding scenes.  Then, as I write, I try to stay keep from making changes which will disturb other scenes.  If I do, I add notes to the scenes in question.  Still, I’m sure I will have continuity problems when I finish.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in my next posting, I could say I’m finished with 29 dramatic scenes.

Read about improving dramatic scenes.

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