Revising My WIP – Finish Working On Dramatic Scenes


Revising My WIP

Finished Working On Dramatic Scenes

I started Dramatic Scenes, and continued working on them.

waking up1I’m done with my Dramatic Scenes, for now.

I took two weeks to revise 28 of them.  I set one aside that I don’t know what to do with yet.

I wrote about what I’m trying to do with dramatic scenes in an earlier article.

How am I doing with Dramatic Scenes?

Twenty-eight scenes was a lot to write.  But have a far better feel for them than I did.  I concentrated on giving my POV hot emotional responses in coming to that decision she didn’t want to make.  But, several times in this last group, I went for colder emotion, and it was interesting to write.  But I wonder if cold emotion works in the middle of Part Four, or if cold emotion will slow things down?  If I”m patient enough to let my story alone for a while after I complete this revision, I might be able to tell if the approach words or not.

All the same, I’m happy to be finished with dramatic scenes for a while.  If for no other reason than this.  They affect my mood.  When I finish writing one, I’m feeling just like my POV.  Peoples are looking at me like I’m a crazy woman.  Ha.

What’s next?

I added no new scenes, so, I’m still at 96.  I reworked the last eight, so I have 49 scenes ready for characterization.  That leaves 47 to go.

I think I have 31 Suspense Scenes.  If I was as good at identifying why I wanted them to be that type, I should be able to revise almost all of them.  Now that I’m putting on my Suspense hat, I need to become schizoid and forget I ever heard of Dramatic Scenes.  The key to these kinds of scenes will be that my POV if forced into doing something and is never given a choice.

I celebrated by printing out my scenes I think are ready for characterization, in 12 point type, double spaced.  I used up another printer cartridge and had to go buy more paper.  And I can say I’m half way done.  But almost all my key scenes are missing, so no one could make sense out of it right now.  Except, Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory suggests I can leave stuff out and readers will still get it.  I wonder if I should just post on KDP and wait for the money to roll in.  Ha





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