Revising My WIP – Working On Suspense Scenes


Revising My WIP

Working On Suspense Scenes

I finished working on Dramatic Scenes and changed scenes to Suspense Scenes.

waking up1

On to suspense scenes.

With 31, they are the largest block of scenes in my WIP.

I must confess something.  I’m sick of them already.  Last night I lay in bed trying to figure out how many suspense scenes I had left, and I was so sure I had 19 let.  When I counted this morning I had 21.  I feel just like the girl in the picture.

Not only that, I found flow problems going from scene to scene.  When I wrote my first draft, I assumed a certain scene order.  Since then, I’ve moved scenes around, especially in Part Two. I discovered and fixed several scenes whose text didn’t agree with the story order I wanted.

I wrote about what I’m trying to do with suspense scenes in an earlier article.

How am I doing with Suspense Scenes?

When I decided on what scene type I wanted, I thought I had 31 suspense scenes.  After looking at two of them, I put them in the think-about-it-some-more pile.

I revised eight suspense scenes, and I’m not sure if I’ve gotten the hang of them yet.  The idea is that I need to force my POV character into doing something against their will, and not particularly giving them any choice about it.

I tried something a little different on a scene I revised last night, adding a ticking clock, pressing my POV character to do something.  In this case, she and her group are about to be discovered by the bad guys, and she wants to help wounded soldiers, but she has no time left.

I’ve also been cutting down on the dialog and inserting more physical beats mixed with internalities.  I’m curious to see how these feel when I read them again.

What’s next?

I still have 94 total scenes, and have revised 58 of them.  That leaves me 38 to do.  If I were to stop now, I would have told my story in 126,000 words.  My target is 120,000 words.  I’m encouraged that, after climbing to almost 130,000 words, I’m tending to snip off a few hundred words per scene.

I’ve revised eight suspense scenes, which leaves me with 21 to go.  Hopefully, I will be done in a week and a half. After that I will have nine contemplation scenes, five I need to reconsider, and four special scenes.

Impatience is now my biggest enemy.  I need to focus, pay more attention, and stop pressing.  sI will finish this set of revisions when I finish.  I don’t even want to think about characterization.  Gawk.

Read about finishing Suspense Scenes.




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