Revising My WIP – Finished Suspense Scenes


Revising My WIP

Finished Suspense Scenes

I worked on Suspense Scenes.

waking up1I continued to revise suspense scenes.

I thought I had 21, but I moved two of them into the need-to-think-some-more pile.

I understand the difference between suspense and dramatic scenes as I never did before.  I a dramatic scene, my POV character consciously decides to do something they didn’t want to do.  In a suspense scene, circumstances force the POV into a new direction without any real choice.I wrote about what I’m trying to do with suspense scenes in an earlier article.

How am I doing with Suspense Scenes?

I revised so many of them my head is swimming.  The trick is to never give the POV character a choice.  I must put them in trouble early, and let pressure build.  I’m anxious to read these after I’ve got some distance.  I’m trusting that the early, unanswered questions will create tension.

What’s next?

I still have 94 total scenes, and have revised 74 of them.  That leaves 22 to do.  I’m continuing to bring my word count down, a few hundred words her, a few more words there.  I won’t get to 120,000, but I will be in the range of 125,000.

I’m moving on to my Contemplative Scenes next.  Over half of them are in the Denouement and I’m curious how well these will work.

Read about Contemplation Scenes.





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