Revising My WIP – Left Over Dramatic and Suspense Scenes


Revising My WIP

Left Over Dramatic and Suspense Scenes

I finished my Contemplation Scenes, as well as Dramatic Scenes and Suspense Scenes.

waking up1No good deed goes unpunished.

Once I finished my Contemplation Scenes, I still had five Suspense and four Dramatic Scenes to revise.  For one reason or another, I either hadn’t tried them because they were too hard, or I made late changes moving them from the Suspense pile to the Dramatic pile.

I wrote about what I’m trying to do with Dramatic Scenes and Suspense Scenes in earlier articles.

How do leftovers taste?

In looking these over, only one presented a true problem.  In my original plan, my first scene following my MC’s Epiphany was a suspense scene.  But suspense scenes presume the POV character is forced into a change.  And I wanted her to take control of her world, finally and forever.  That meant either action or a decision.  Since she is performing a death ritual, I couldn’t see how action would ever work.

So I was left with a dramatic scene and a choice.  But how was I to do that when she was alone? It wasn’t as if she could talk to him.  Except, was that true?  In a movie we might get voice overs or words from an echo chamber, but I hadn’t done this anywhere else in my story, so I wasn’t going to start her.  So, I had her start to do something, then become angry when she remembered things he had done.  Finally, harassed by her own emotions, she gives in and vows to do what he wanted her to do at the close of the earlier scene.  Will it work?  Who knows.

The other eight scenes weren’t revolutionary.  In most cases I was forcing her into a decision, or having events force her into a course of action.  I don’t know that I put as much into them as I should have.  I still have the feeling I’m not doing suspense scenes in a way that Hitchcock would approve of.

What’s next?

I have four scenes to do.  Who would have thought?

I have a smidgen less than 120,000 words, so I’m going over my target.  If nothing changes, I needs about 6,000 words to finish my last four scenes.  They are the four most important scenes in my story: First Scene, Epiphany, Climax, and Final Scene.

I considered letting a beta reader look at my story once I finished those scenes, knowing that I’ve not yet traced out the character arcs to get them to work the way I want them to.  I raised the question on Scribophile, and the consensus was that I should wait until I’ve written them as well as I can.

I’ve read only nothing that helps me with this, any more than I did with getting the scenes right.  So I will have to make something up.

Read about my Epiphany Scene.

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