Revising My WIP – Writing Climax Scenes


Revising My WIP

Writing Climax Scenes

I wrote my Epiphany Scene.

waking up1No…………..not that kind of Climax.


Tens of thousands of words ago, our MC took up the challenge and our story began.  She struggled and suffered.  As hard as she tried, her flaws got the best of her and she suffered complete, utter and total disaster.  After her pity party, she figured out what she needed to do, and re-imagined herself into a better her.

Finally, my Main Character confronts the villain, and…

…she gets what she wants…

…and what she needed.

…but not what she needed.

…she doesn’t get what she wants…

…but what she needed.

…and doesn’t get what she needed.

When it’s your story, you get to pick.


I like happy ever after.

What Am I Trying To Do In A Climax Scene

Every scene needs a beginning.

Remember those earlier scenes in Part Four.  Shes had both successes and setbacks.  Somehow, we finally got to the point where one more roll of the dice will settle everything.

We set up the mood for this final confrontation, signaling that we are finally going to settle the story question, once and for all.  And neither she nor the villain can go back after this scene.

Every scene needs a middle.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.  Our MC is going to either win or it’s over for her.

We bring the villain and the MC together early, with a clear intent that one of them is going down to defeat.  We keep the pace fast and furious.

Unlike Action scenes, we want to know what our MC is feeling.  She knows everything is on the line and we want to ride with her.

We want our MC pushed to the limit of her strength, faith, and endurance.  Will she snap, or will she prevail?

Every scene needs an ending.

Our MC wins…maybe.

She may have to pay a terrible price, internally or externally…maybe.

How did I do?

I think I did it right…but I won’t know until I read it further along.

In the scenes leading up, my MC made a desperate attempt to win, but came up short, and now has to face the villain.  Does she…

…have a strong enough spirit and enough heart to win?

…have enough physical strength and cunning to beat larger, stronger men?

…know who the true villain is?

I put a lot more internalities into this version than my first one.  And I added about a third to the length of the scene, and it became my longest yet.

What’s next?

I have the First and Final Scenes left.

I wrote about my First and Final Scenes.

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