My WIP’s Third Revision – Major Characters (5)


My WIP’s Third Revision

Major Characters (5)

I continued revising my major characters with yet another posting.

12aI finished revising my Main Character.

Woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo.

Sixty scenes.  And, not just any scenes.  They were some of the most important in my story.

How am I doing?

I thought I would never get done with her.  But…I knew I had to do something with her, because I hated the Epiphany Scene.

I revisited my theme to make sure I was still good with it:  Once taken up, duty is a jealous lover, tolerating no competition for our attention or our souls.  And I was.

Then I had to figure out what she was going to learn.  And I went back to one of my earlier ideas, that she needed to trust the Colonists, and link her son’s destiny to them.  Somehow, in my writing, I had lost sight of that.  So, I reshaped her internalities to reflect that.  I need to read her arc over and make sure I got it.

As part of figuring out what my story meant, I examined her entire character arc.  She is a complicated person, maybe too complicated for my ability to write her.  So, I tried to simplify how I portrayed her, and emphasize certain aspects which would advance my story.

I think I’ve written about how I built my characters, but I never wrote about how I was going to write about them, and that might be worth going over.

Anyway, I wound up with a set of twelve possible emotions she might express during a scene, of which I allowed only four at any given time.  I picked out a list of ways she could express herself, both externally, and internally, and I pretty much stuck with those, hoping readers will get it.

So, What’s Next?

I completed revising character arcs for all thirteen of my important characters.  And…that means I’ve completed revising for all 96 scenes.  And I’m deciding how much further to go before looking for beta readers.

I looked at the story proportions, and they aren’t too far off from what I’d tried to write too, but Part One is a little longer than I’d like, and Part Two is a little shorter.  I picked two scenes I could move into Part Two without harming the story flow.  And I found a third scene I want to keep in Part One, but have a better place for it.

I’ve also given thought on how to group my scenes into Chapters, but I haven’t finalized what makes sense to me.  But, however I put things together, I will need to chapterize them.  I made up that word, but it means I will need to weave the scenes together to make them flow.  I suspect I will need some of the Bickham Sequels.

I also realized my story timeline is skewed, and my scenes may be out of order.  So, I need to go through and sort it out.  I can’t tell you how much I hope I don’t have to change any of it.  I would shoot myself if I had to.  Gawk.

Read about preparing for Beta Readers.


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