My WIP’s Third Revision – Preparing for Beta Readers (1)


My WIP’s Third Revision

Preparing for Beta Readers (1)

I finished revising my major characters.

12aI been preparing for Beta Readers.


How Do You Do That?

I wish I knew.

I went back and looked at my story proportions.  When I set out to write this, In wanted my four parts to be 20 – 30 – 30 – 20 percent of the story, in words.  Parts Three and Four were very close, but Part One was a little long and Part Two as a little short.  So, I found two scenes I could move into Part Two, and that got my word counts where I wanted them.

I also looked where my Story Beats fell, and thought the Story Question was falling a little late in Part One, so I found a scene I could move to follow the Story Question.

After that, I thought I was ready to print it out, but I got to thinking about Chapters, something I’d never give a moment’s thought to.  So, I sat down, and after several tries, I settled on 54 chapters for my 96 scenes.

And, every story needs a book cover.  So, I went hunting on the internet, looking for things like moccasins, castles, and palaces.  After a while, I found a picture I could use for free, and added my story title and my name.

Then I compiled it, learning Scrivener’s settings, and eventually hit on a way to get what I wanted in an epub format.  Calibre got me to a mobi format, after I updated it twice.  Then I loaded it on my Kindle and gave it to my Trusted Reader.

What Else Have I Been Doing?

I’m focused, now on how my scenes open.  I’ve set, as a goal, to let readers know who the POV is, where she is, how much time has passed since the previous scene, and what she is trying to do.  I want to get all that into the first two or three paragraphs.

So, What’s Next?

I want to complete editing the first three paragraphs for every scene.

Then I need to go back and braid all my scenes together.  Because, when I fixed my characterization, I did it one character at a time.  Many times I had two or more characters in a scene, but I didn’t take much time to braid them into a whole.  So…it’s time to do that.

I’ve also talked to my Trusted Reader.  They like the basic story, but have questions.  The bad news is that the early part of the story seems clunky, but it picks up; and my MC seems a little flaky, but they grow to like her and root for her.  Until I can know, scene by scene, what they are thinking, I have no way to fix the story — if I can fix it.

Read about more Beta Reader preparations.



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