My WIP’s Third Revision – Critiques (2)


My WIP’s Third Revision

Critiques (2)

I put my story into the critique process.

crossed 2Merry Christmas everyone.

I feel so sorry for people who hate Christmas or pretend it doesn’t exist, because they don’t get to feel the butterflies and the joy I get at this time of year.  For them, it’s always winter and never Christmas.

What I’ve Been Doing

I finally got all of Part One up on scribophile for critique.

And…I’ve been learning a lot.  I have seen other people go through this and I thought I had done it better.  Except…not so much.

I discovered I’m not a special snow flake.  How could that have happened?  Ha.

I have traded crits with several people.  If I’m lucky, they will stick with me because they are finding all kinds of things.  As much as I scrub before posting, and even after I run it through ProWritersAid, I still have mistakes.  Grrrrrr.

They have also been very valuable in helping me understand how my characters are coming across, and giving me hints about how I effect readers.  I do reach them.  I also confuse them.  Does one ever know how their own work reads?

I’ve also been critiquing other people’s stuff.  I don’t think I’m doing a very good job at not doing it.  I approach writing differently than they do.  Maybe it’s because I actually read a book shelf of how-to-write-books books, did the exercises, and then tried to write that way.  I have a sneaking suspicion they are more spontaneous than I am, and able to write faster.  But which way makes for a better story?

What’s Next?

I will get through Christmas, but it will be like no other I’ve been through.  I want to get back to my story as soon as I can, but I don’t want to miss out on Christmas either.

I have all of Part One up on Scrib, and will try to convince people to read those ten chapters and give me feedback.  Because of the way Scrib works, I can put something up, in 3,000 word pieces, and keep it open to edit and get crits for 30 days.  On my first scene, the clock is ticking and I have about 25 days left.  At some point I will start reworking the earlier scenes.

I think I hooked up with a group of off-line beta readers from Scrib.  I think I will be in a circle of four or five other writers.  We get ecopies of the story, read it, and give feedback on a story level more than a scene by scene level.  I won’t need karma points for that.  But…I have changes I’m sweeping into my story, and Part One has them but the other parts don’t.

Read more about critiquing.

2 thoughts on “My WIP’s Third Revision – Critiques (2)

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