My WIP’s Third Revision – Critiques (3)


My WIP’s Third Revision

Critiques (3)

My story remained in the critique process.

cover 1My entire Part One remains up on scribophile for critiquing, but the early flurry has died down to a trickle.

How does Critiquing Work?

Every writer wants to post their work for critique.  On Scrib, as we call it, posting a 3,000 word story or part costs 5 karma.  We cannot buy karma.  We can only earn it…by critiquing other people’s works.  Usually, we need to critique about two or three works to earn enough karma to post a story of our own.

So, when I wanted to post my Part One in eleven parts, I needed 55 karma, or around fifteen critiques to earn that much.

Because I decided to pay $65.00 to be a premium member, I can post as much of my work at one time as I have karma for, and put it in a personal spotlight.  The spotlight allows people to earn more karma than normal.  I can throw in bonus karma, so they can easily earn 2 or 2.5 karma.  That means they can post their own work more quickly.  After six critiques, the work moves out of the personal spotlight, and it becomes hard to earn more than about 1.5 karma for critiquing it.

So, even I can see the strategy.  Post my work in blocks, offer extra karma for people to critique, and hope my friends and some other talented critters, as we call them, will come help me.

Of my eleven postings, two have six or more critiques.  The other nine have various numbers of crits.  My final posting has no critiques.  And…not much has happened in the last week.

What I’ve Been Doing

If you remember, I got a lot of resistance to my original opening scene.  Critters thought I had started the story too late, and needed another scene in front to introduce my MC.  They also rebelled at my MC’s speech patterns, what we now call D-speak.  I also got way more help than I wanted about how Part One is organized.

So, I am fixing D-speak through my entire story.  My MC was POV in 61 of my 98 scenes.  I’ve fixed 43 and still need have 18 to do.  And, because I’m in there, I also fix other things.  So, it’s not ten minutes per scene.  It can often take an hour or more.  But…I’m nearly done.

I also got into a Scrib Beta Readers Circle, with three other writers.  The idea is that we read one story a week and offer feedback to the writer, based on their directions.  I would have loved to go first, but, I’m still fixing D-speak.  So, one of the other writers is going first.  And, since we are all new at beta reading, maybe it’s best if someone more brave goes first.  Ha.

My wish is to get whole story feedback from the beta readers who, as it turns out, haven’t read any of my story so far.  So they will see my entire story with fresh eyes.  And…if they come to the same conclusions about Part One as my friends did, then I will have to fix it.  Also, they should give me feedback on whether my entire story is worth anything or not.

So, I’m anxious to do that…and terrified.

What if I’ve wasted two years of my life?

What’s Next?

I took down the bonus karma on the rest of Part One so that, for the moment, only truly serious critters will work on Part One.  I will find a way to give them karma later, but I’m not eager for drive-bys at the moment.

I’m trying to fix D-speak.  I’d hoped to be ready for the second reading, but I can’t write that quickly.  Maybe I will be third or fourth.  That means I won’t be out of beta reading until the end of January.

After the beta readers finish with me, I will have a whole body of comments to work on.  And I can decide what to do with my story.

I had so hoped to be done with my story by the spring equinox, but…I don’t know anymore.

Read about more critiquing.

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