My WIP’s Third Revision – Critiques (4)


My WIP’s Third Revision

Critiques (4)

My story remained in the critique process.

cover 1My entire Part One remains up on Scribophile for critiquing, but the system will soon lock my first and second postings soon, meaning no one will be able to write about them anymore.

My First Experience With Beta Reading

I did a beta reading of a SciFi story on Scribophile.  When I first read it, I just let myself glide along in the story.  It felt a little on the simple side, but was full of action, and easy to read.  I was very impressed, and do not think I measure up very well.

Only when I went back into it did I begin to find things I might change had I written it.  But, we write very differently.  He wrote in First Person Past Tense, while I wrote in Third Person Past Tense.  He used a single POV, I’ve used four.  As I pushed deeper, I realized he had done, or not done, some things I think are important.

In my story, at a point called Plot Point One, my Main Character decides to try to solve the Story Question.  And, once made, she starts down a path and cannot go back.  In the book I read, I couldn’t see that the writer had done this.  Everything just seemed to slide from one bit of action to another.

At another point, called the Epiphany, my Main Character struggles to make sense of the mess she has made of her life, and all the damage she has caused because of her flaws.  And then she realizes what she must change in herself, and then decides to change her ways.  I didn’t really get the same impression in the story.  Because he did not struggle with his question, I didn’t feel much tension.

At the Climax, my Main Character struggles with all her might against her enemies, and, in the end, finally wins.  After that, she rescues her son and wins.  In the story I read, I did not get the sense that the main character was really the hero.

My Own Story

I continued to chip away at my WIP, fixing my Main Character’s speech patterns.  Because of family obligations, I was not able to finish them.  But I’ve made good progress.

What’s Next?

I hope to finish fixing my Main Character’s speech and word choices.  I have taken far longer to do it than I imagined, in part, because I haven’t been very happy about doing it.

I still have parts of the Magic System I would like to change.  I realize now, when I created it, I created a good side.  But I can see, now that adding an opposite, or dark side, could add more depth to the magic, and might help me make it more complete.

After this weekend, we should go on to another Beta Reading.  Alas, I’m not ready.  Maybe I can go in third place.  I’m still anxious to do this, because I would like to get people’s opinions before I redo Part One.  The longer I wait, the more likely I am to just go ahead and make changes.

I continued in the Beta Process.

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