My WIP’s Third Revision – The Betas Spoke


My WIP’s Third Revision

The Beta’s Spoke

I working on my WIP.

cover 1And I cried.I

No…not really…quite.

David, Ash and Alan were the only other people besides my Trusted Reader to go all the way through my story.  Overall, they were very supportive and said nice things.  I knew better than to ask them if I was ready to go.

We had a group of four.  If you’ve read some of my other postings, you know I went last because I was the largest and I was still working on it.  I was very impressed with the other WIPS.  If ever I’d thought I was a special snowflake I found out I’m not.

Still, this is my first serious WIP.  And while I wrote trashy stuff on another website, about the only thing I can say for it is that I was too dumb to know what I didn’t know and just laid it all out there.  Once I decided I wanted to be serious, I looked to the how-to-write-books books for help on story structure and scene structure.  And…it works.

I’m never going to be confused with Harper Lee and her first book, To Kill A Mockingbird.  But, I want it to be as right as I can make it.

What They Didn’t Like

My MC is too whiny in the middle.

This will take the most time to fix.

I don’t know how to write battles.

Okay, so I need to learn how

My opening is still not very interesting.

I’ve thought of another way to organize my opening.  Who knows if this will make it all well?

My middle sags.  Do NOT even think it buster.

I will see what happens after I fix my MC’s arc and the battle scenes.

My ending needs work.

I paired my ending with my original opening, and then wrote a different oepning.  I knew I would have to change it.

And maybe I killed off too many of the guys.

They thought my MC was left all alone.  And some of them wanted her villain / love interest to survive.

My magic system isn’t integral to the story.

It didn’t play a central role in this story, but is a much bigger influence in a future story, should I write it.

Why am I holding myself to 120,000 words.

Do I really think I will ever be published?  If I’m still committed to story proportions, go ahead and grow the word count out, without going all telly.

I have a lot of repetition in my scenes.

I’m surprised, and will need to search for it.  I might ask my Betas for examples because I’m kind of clueless at this point.

What They Did Like

They thought it was a good read, and it all pretty much fit together.  It is fantasy with or without the magic.  And there is enough here for both genders.  So, that’s something.  Ha.

Read about revising my fight scene.

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