My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Fight and Battle Scenes (3)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Fight and Battle Scenes (3)

I continued to work on my fight scenes.

cover 1Wow…I really haven’t posted anything in six weeks?

There goes the plan for posting several times a week and building my blog up to a likership of millions.  Ha.

What was I trying to do?

My betas hated my fight and battle scenes.  That hurt.  I don’t want to just be a writer.  I want to be a good writer, who tells compelling stories.  And I weep at the thought that, if readers stick with me, they will skim over any of my scenes.

What did I do?

I rewrote all my fight and action scenes, paying a lot of attention to the build-up, the setting, who was doing what, and made the knife fight, the sword fight, and the duel with pistols as realistic as I could…even though I’ve never tried to cut anyone with a knife, hack someone with a sword, or shoot someone.

I suspect I wrote them too long.  But my beta reader-turned-coach thought my knife fight was realistic.  I will worry about length later.

Then I went after my battle scenes.  I can’t even imagine how many YouTubes I looked at with re-enactors marching around, loading and shooting muskets.  Someone suggested I watch a movie called Gettysburg for the battle scenes.  Then I sat down and wrote my battle scenes.  They go a lot longer.  My beta reader-turned coach had a good sense of what was happening, but worried my 9,000 word chapter (I think that would be about 36 pages) was a little long.  Ha.

And I’m sure I will have to cut them down later.

I have three big battles in this version of my story.  One of my betas thought I had one too many.  Another thought I should end my story immediately after the last big battle.  Who knows?  Maybe I will do that.  But I’m not ready for that level of revision yet.

What’s Next?

I’m working on character updates.  I will write about how I’m doing next time.

Read about reshaping character arcs.



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