My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Getting My Scene Types Right (4)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Suspense Scenes – Part Two

I finished reworking Suspense Scenes.

go to leekah 1So, I’m finally done with Suspense Scenes.

And I never did see that fat little guy with a big nose and a bigger belly.

What did I change?

I’ve talked about suspense scenes in other posts.   And I finished the twenty-one left on my plate.  I continued to use the same approach I used as last week.

I didn’t have to work nearly as hard the last several days.  I had some very large scenes, some approaching 3,000 words.  I found myself tweaking more than drastically reshaping.  Either I wrote them better, or I’m worn down.

What’s Next?

I’m on to my special scenes.  Then…editing.

Read about First and Final scenes.