My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Editing (1)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision


I finished Climax Scenes.

go to leekah 1How hard could editing be?  After all, run it through a spell checker and do a final read through and all should be good, right?

Well…not so much.

What was I trying to do?

On June 12th I finished revising my WIP and thought I’d touch it up with a little editing and get ready for Beta readers.

I intended to touch up my WIP and get it ready for another round of Beta readers.  Once I got through that wicket I would post the entire WIP on Scribophile for scene-by-scene critting.

For my tools I chose some things I’d found good success with, plus a couple of twists.

  • I’d already applied most of the points from Browne’s Self Editing for Fiction Writers, but knew there was a lot more to it than that.
  • At a friend’s recommendation, I started using the free version of ProWritingAid to catch things like passives, grammar and spelling, overuse of the 100 most common words, adverbs, and the like in other writing.
  • I created a special list of words peculiar to each character with a grading scheme.
  • Over 100 common adverbs do not use the -LY form of a verb.
  • Filter words put dramatic distance between the reader and the MC.
  • TO BE verbs, used carelessly, weaken stories.
  • Beta readers commented that I had a lot of repetition in my WIP.  When I asked for examples they gave me the unsatisfying it’s kind of everywhere.  So, I added that to my to-do list.

As I dove into editing, I discovered two more tools that I added to my list, plus something else I stumbled into.

  • With my style of writing, I’m pronoun heavy.
  • I discovered the power of text-to-speech apps.
  • By my method of revising in layers, hopping from scene to scene, my scenes lost cohesion.

How was I going to do it?

I decided to make two passes through my WIP, focusing on TO BEs, filters, and adverbs in the first pass.  In the second pass I went after repetition, pronouns, text-to-speech, and whatever ProWritersAid came up with.

What’s next?

Next time I will start sharing my editing adventures…which are still ongoing.

Read about editing by ear.

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