Critiquing A Fish Out Of Water


Critiquing A Fish Out Of Water


What on earth does that even mean?

Over on Scribophile, we are all wanna-be writers, posting our work for others to read so they can tell us how wonderful our story is much work our story needs.  And it generally helps to have readers in your genre help you.

But…what if you didn’t have readers in your genre, but a different genre, and it was your own fault it happened?

I put my story up for beta readers.  They go through the story and tell you, at a higher level, what things work and what things don’t work.  They might say a character isn’t acting real, or that plot twist was good, or you really have to change this, or never change that.  And, because they are in your genre, they are pretty much telling you how your target audience will react.

So, in my WIP’s description, I advertised my MC’s antagonist as her villain / love interest and convinced myself there was a romance angle.  So, there I was in group with real romance writers.  And, because they are good people, they read my story through the eyes of a romance reader.

I confused them and made it very hard for them.

And I’m very sorry I did that to them.

What did I learn?

Never lie to readers.

I might not have meant to, but my description led beta readers to believe it was romance…and it wasn’t.

Now, think how that would have played out on Amazon.

People would have bought it thinking it was a romance.  And, once they figured out it wasn’t, no amount of brilliant writing, compelling characters, and breath-taking plots would stop them from throwing the book across the room.

Then, still furious, they would correctly write bad reviews and never buy another story written by me.

Is the stove hot to the touch?


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