Libraries Have All The Answers, If We Look


Libraries Have All The Answers

If We Look


Tons of books live there.  And I can look at all of them, free of charge.  All I have to do is go.

I learned the trick of going to the library from one of those how-to-write-books books.  I was reading about some part of writing and the author suggested I look at books I’d read to study how the author did something or another.

I looked at my Kindle.  E-readers are great…but the one thing they can’t let me do is flip through the story like I can with hard-copy books.  So I looked across the room at my bookshelf filled with tattered old second-hand paper-backs and thought they looked a little worn and dated.  Then it occurred to me.  Ooodles of new stuff set on library shelves.  So, why not go there?

The first time I went to the library was when I studied book openings.  I ten books at random from fiction shelves, then sat down and read all the first chapters, including prologues if they had any.  I analyzed the openings and compared them to what I was trying to do.

Wow.  Instead of being trapped by things I loved, I exposed myself to a lot of new stuff, with new techniques.  And all for free.



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