My WIP’s Fifth Revision – Chipping Away The Easy Stuff


My WIP’s Fifth Revision

Chipping Away The Easy Stuff

leaping-2I’m still at it.

And it’s taking longer than I wanted.

I’m resisting this and I’m not quite sure why.  It’s like a switch clicked and now I’m fighting to do anything with it.  I’d much rather do stuff in real life or surf the net.  If you’ve got any good game recommendations I’m up for that.  Ha.

And no amount of telling myself I’m almost done helps.  Who knows, maybe I’m afraid of what comes next…whatever that is.  But I think it involves cover art, professional editors, query letters and all things arcane and mysterious to me.

Even now I’m procrastinating finishing this post.  Ha.

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My WIP’s Fifth Revision – Chipping Away


My WIP’s Fifth Revision

Chipping Away

leaping-2Well, I made my punch list and I’m working stuff off.

I’d like to say I’m having fun, but…

…I enjoy writing far more than revising, which I only tolerate, or editing, which is hard and dull and I can hardly stand it.

…I’m always afraid when I start a new phase of this WIP for fear I’m finally and forever going to ruin it.

…I wonder when I will finally finish this stupid WIP.

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