Life After Editing


Life After Editing

What’s Next?

My adventure in self editing draws to a close, and I’m relieved I’m nearly done. Not that I haven’t learned a lot. How humbling.

At this point, I have no idea if a market exists for fantasy stories from a Native American’s perspective. Based on best seller lists, not many. Too bad for me.

For fun I tried to make an e-cover, and spent an afternoon realizing I’m less skilled in art and covers that I am with writing. So, I need professional help. Helpful sites suggest starting with an existing pictures. Otherwise, pay a photographer and model. Yikes.

But some would say I should post it to Amazon and hope readers buy it. But that involves marketing, something else beyond anything I’ve done. But, most business experts suggest offering a series. After all, readers binge read, devouring an entire series before moving to another series. No one waits years until another book comes out anymore, if it ever does. Besides, using this WIP as a measure, I might be another Lee Harper, getting my second story out after I’m dead. Ha.

I’m also toying with other projects. But, what? Maybe a series, or a companion book, or some shortish stories, or something entirely different.

On the other hand, I might write a companion story with one of my characters, using the same universe. I’m attracted to several of them, and curious if they live happy lives or not.

But, must my next WIP use multi-POVs? Would a single POV go faster? Why a traditional novel? For instance, NETFLICKS has commissioned twelve-episode series, with each episode running something under an hour. Strung together, they form a complete story arc.

Inspiration, where art thou?


What could a Novelette-sized episode look like?

4 thoughts on “Life After Editing

  1. I think mayhap, a smaller project, or a series of smaller projects would allow you a lot of of flexiblity as far as character, pov and other aspects of the craft which a novel doesn’t.

    As to if there is a market, I hink perhaps, more than you realize. Maybe not on a the best sellers list, and maybe not with the big five, but maybe a small press if you didn’t want to go the self-publishing route.

    I do not think the lack of it in the best sellers list means a lack of a market.

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