Covers, Titles, Names and Blurbs


Covers, Titles, Names, and Blurbs

Packaging Everything Together

The writing process is known to those knowing it well.

Except…some of us don’t know…not a smidgen.

No matter what coaching we get, as some point we must undertake our journey.  I discovered creating novels not unlike scaling Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado, except another mesa always awaits, obscured by clouds.  And I’ve ascended rock faces beyond counting – concept, outlines, first drafts, revisions beyond number, and edits without end.

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Growing A Blurb


Thoughts On A Book Blurb

Growing A Blurb

Last time, I promised to report back if I got any feedback on my blurb.  And…I got feedback…so here I am.

But, let’s back up a little.  In an earlier post I mentioned Beth Bacon’s suggestion of writing blurbs in four parts:  (1)  Situation; (2) Problem;  (3) Hopeful Possibility;  and (4) Mood.

And I did…and hated it.  Someone commented that each paragraph felt like the end…and wished it had.

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