Covers, Titles, Names and Blurbs


Covers, Titles, Names, and Blurbs

Packaging Everything Together

The writing process is known to those knowing it well.

Except…some of us don’t know…not a smidgen.

No matter what coaching we get, as some point we must undertake our journey.  I discovered creating novels not unlike scaling Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado, except another mesa always awaits, obscured by clouds.  And I’ve ascended rock faces beyond counting – concept, outlines, first drafts, revisions beyond number, and edits without end.

Today, I find myself sitting atop rocks on a fog shrouded plateau, pondering ways to entice readers into opening my story and discovering my genius.

And chewing a Luna bar, gathering strength, I paused and And, considered changes to the shopping experience.  Once upon a time, unless books lay face up, potential buyers regarded a book-covered shelf, hand on hip, tapping fingers with finger tips, gazing at endless titles and writer names.  If they slid a book out to blow dust off, and glanced over cover art, they might open to read our blurb on the inside.

Today?  On Amazon, if harried and distracted shoppers scroll down to our pride and joy (getting on the first page is advanced witchcraft) art appears immediately, with blurbs perched just below.

So, I haunted cover-design sites, trolled Amazon, visited the library, then opened my rudimentary PhotoShop knockoff…and gained appreciation for things that afflict designers.  And, as this cover came together I dimly sensed elements in play…title, squib, picture, name, background, font sizes and colors, and background.  All conspired to dash my illusions of grasping this arcane skill quickly.  For, if underlying concepts and principles support story structure, so too covers…but I am ignorant of them.  Beyond doubt, I must seek professional help.

And, a glutton for punishment, I further humiliated myself with considering a back cover.  Alas, even twelve-point type would not let me squeeze my blurb onto the page.  My absolutely slimmest version had to shed another 80 pounds…err words, plunging to 150 words before just fitting…with care to neither take deep breaths or bend…let alone try for a chair.

Still, in blissful ignorance, I hope to have doing something passable, and pray something compels readers to look inside.

But, as grandmother always quoted, “Pride goeth before the fall.”  And, I’ve tripped enough to earn a new pen-name…Fiona Flatnose.


Happy writing.











Growing A Blurb


Thoughts On A Book Blurb

Growing A Blurb

Last time, I promised to report back if I got any feedback on my blurb.  And…I got feedback…so here I am.

But, let’s back up a little.  In an earlier post I mentioned Beth Bacon’s suggestion of writing blurbs in four parts:  (1)  Situation; (2) Problem;  (3) Hopeful Possibility;  and (4) Mood.

And I did…and hated it.  Someone commented that each paragraph felt like the end…and wished it had.

Ouch. Continue reading