But I Don’t Know Where My Scene Is Going


But I Don’t Know Where My Scene Is Going

What Do I Do?


Ever thought that? At least it’s not so tragic as wondering why I’m writing this story.

Still…the scene seems pointless and…just…won’t…end. Stumble through to the end…or delete it?

Plotters have at least one advantage over plotters (they often call themselves discovery writers). If nothing else, I’d already beat my head against a wall figuring out a story flow. At least I’d had a vision, once, long ago, before putting any words to paper.

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Grimn’s Tales – Bridge At Chelson Gorge – First Draft Thoughts(1)


Bridge At Chelson Gorge First Draft Thoughts (1)

Writing The First Draft (1)

Read about thoughts on a series.

I stared at a writer’s nightmare…

…a blank page.

My stomach fluttered and my breath caught.
What if no words came? What if I conjured up nothing?

No matter that I’d conjured up a series arc, and that, after endless dithering, a novelette sized story idea emerged…hopefully 12,000 words. On splitting my Scrivener screen, with scene notes on the right…that left screen, so pristine, pure, free of words gave me pause.

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

What If No One Noticed?


In his book, On Writing, Stephen King shares the mind-boggling number of rejections he earned for Carrie before someone took a chance on him. He makes it sound like enough rejections came in to insulate his attic room.

And…in some tiny, laughable way…I share his hurt.

I’ve labored over my WIP for years. I might go look but I don’t want to…but I think it’s four. I’ve let eight people read all of it. And I’ve carried it as far as possible without submitting to scene by scene critiquing, but courage fails me.

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Grimn’s Tales


Grimn’s Tales

Eight Stories of Fantastic Adventure

Life threw us a curve…and we weren’t prepared. It punctuates a dreadful 2017…it cannot go to the grave soon enough. Too bad memories last a lifetime.

Long drives back and forth across Wyoming offered an escape from things closing in, giving me time to ponder whether to quit writing, or continue. Surprised that question even occurred, I wrestled with it before deciding to try a series of novelettes. With only 12,000 words, they won’t take as long to write, which means quicker feedback, unlike 130,000 word novels which take at least a year. But, am I skilled enough to write a series arc?

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