Grimn’s Tales – Bridge At Chelson Gorge – First Draft Thoughts(1)


Bridge At Chelson Gorge First Draft Thoughts (1)

Writing The First Draft (1)

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I stared at a writer’s nightmare…

…a blank page.

My stomach fluttered and my breath caught.
What if no words came? What if I conjured up nothing?

No matter that I’d conjured up a series arc, and that, after endless dithering, a novelette sized story idea emerged…hopefully 12,000 words. On splitting my Scrivener screen, with scene notes on the right…that left screen, so pristine, pure, free of words gave me pause.

Then I typed Scene One, hit carriage return and let words flow.

Footlights reflected back into Grimn’s face, clearly marking the boundary, beyond which lay only murky shadow.

And I stepped out into another adventure. That journey began a week ago. Since, I’ve composed seven of eighteen planned scenes, with 6,090 words, some 1,050 words longer than planned. That’s hardly a terrific pace, leaving me a bit guilty at so leisurely a stroll.

Still, it’s a learning experience. With such tight scene targets, I rarely hit them. What possessed me to imagine scenes with 250 words…and will any amount of editing change that? The longer scenes also feel cramped, leaving few words to set moods or describe settings. Worse, did I overestimate the number of characters that fit into this story?  And, sadly, I’ve not improved at writing action scenes.  Will four revisions and editing save me?

Yet, creating something new exhilarates me. And, breathless, I tortured my Trusted Reader by reading the first scene. She confessed to being intrigued, with no clue where we sailed, and wanted to read more. Hope still lives. But, as she says, she will read anything.  Ha.

How wonderful if, next week, I finished my first draft. But it’s summer, and I’m feeling lazy.

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