Grimn’s Tales – Bridge At Chelson Gorge – First Draft Thoughts(2)


Bridge At Chelson Gorge First Draft Thoughts (2)

Finishing The First Draft

Read about starting the first draft.



…I’m done…with the first draft.

Is that cool, or what?

But, time for honesty. I’d planned a 12,000 word novelette which ran closer to 15,000 words. The temptation to rush into editing gripped me, but I resisted, limiting myself to running ProWritingAid’s grammar and spell checker, fixing the worst errors. For my next trick I will print everything out in 10-point type, then hand all 41 pages to my Trusted Reader with instructions to focus on story structure. Hopefully, she isn’t expecting characterization, flowing phrases, or necessarily sentences which make complete sense.

But, the bigger question remains. How long to wait before restarting? With my last WIP, I waited ten weeks, then read all 168,000 words. Hopefully I won’t have to wait that long. Maybe a one week wait will offer enough detachment.

But I desperately need detachment.  This is a new story-form for me, because I’m accustomed to either much shorter  or much longer works. So I want clear eyes with no expectations to see what I strongly suspect — terrible characterization, botched scene types, uneven and ineffective scene layers, and horrible story pace. I have the skills to repair such flaws…if I recognize the words on paper and not those in my mind.

What to do while memories fade?  Maybe come up with a cover…or a blurb?

What did I find on reading the first draft?

3 thoughts on “Grimn’s Tales – Bridge At Chelson Gorge – First Draft Thoughts(2)

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