The Sweetest Of Them All


The Sweetest Of Them All

A Leekah Story

Read about Leekah’s late night snack.

Breath to kill flocks of fairies.

Leekah gagged, then slowly rose level with Percival’s enormous brown eye. No need to trigger his reflexes…not that he could touch her. But, once in beast mode they took forever to relax.


Buffeted by gale-force winds, she grabbed a flying moccasin and righted herself. When Nihun had read off crew duties, lion teeth cleaning sounded interesting…until the pilot fish – shark thingie.

“I.  Won’t.  I.  Promise.”

Buffeted again, laces on her doeskin vest parted and she spun away to cover herself.


“In your dreams, buster…sweets rot your teeth.”



Story inspired by this photo.



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