It’s A Cat’s Life


It’s a Cat’s Life

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

Read about new neighbors.

Does practice make perfect?


Does it make permanent?

Part of my experiment in writing with strong verbs is to lodge them in my brain as permanent choices.  And…maybe…I will use them perfectly.  Ha.

This story may be just a little risque, but, what can I say?  I’ve been a good girl, letting my WIP’s first draft sit in a drawer…for twelve entire days, with only two more to go.  So…I guess I’m restless…in a mood.  And, this story popped out.

So, here are the rules for writing with strong verbs, and today’s words – eradicate, show, manifest, advance, prevail, state, transform, analyze, illustrate, and display.


Mind blank, not a single word formed. Had Janet’s brain eradicated all ability to communicate? Paralyzed, she stared at what Igor had showed her.

“Come on, Janet,” he said, face flushed. “Relax and have fun. No one will mind. Honest.”

Finally, words, isolated and disconnected, manifested themselves, but formed no real thoughts. How could he imagine she would wear that…especially at the party…where everyone would see her, including the new neighbors? Or rather, mostly her, because there wasn’t much of it.

“Don’t be afraid.” He advanced, arms extended, still smiling, and used that soft, confident voice, expecting, again, to prevail. “I will protect you. Honest.”

Janet bit her lip, tummy churning. She didn’t mind leather, and in times past had stated with certainty, how much fun she had…sometimes. But, red? Her nose itched, tempted to transform it into something else.

“You don’t like cats?”

She moaned. Of course she did, but didn’t need to analyze this outfit to recognize no cat had ever worn a suit like this.

“Besides, you lost the bet.” He grinned, eyebrows waggling. “And accepting with grace illustrates to everyone you kept your word.”

“But…it puts me on display…all of me.” She bit back a forming wail, determined to give him no satisfaction by crying. “What will people say?”

“Next time, choose your words with greater care.” Then he snapped his fingers. “Chop chop.”

She tensed at that snapping, hands forming into fists. No one did that. “Just wait until—”

His lips found hers.

Surprised, hers parted…and she found herself crushed against him, gripped by arms of iron. “Promise to stay close. Please?”

Read about Janet’s Troubles with a real-life cat.



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