Cover Art, Pixels, and Swirling Heads


Cover Art, Pixels, and Swirling Heads

Cover art.


On Scrib, one of the groups began discussing Cover design. With time on my hands waiting for two weeks before reading The Bridge at Chelson Gorge, I joined. Unlike some who have vast experience, I’ve very little, mostly garnered by toying with covers for my first WIP.

They began with cover art. The takeaway? Get a big picture with high a resolution, because it must pass two tests…a compelling thumb-nail image, and a killer full-sized image.

While absorbing that, someone reported my Scrib avi looked terrible on full screen size.



I had drawn it with default settings…72. Okay on small screens, they appeared blurry on big screens. The minimum dots per inch is 300…and likely to go higher. Simply increasing to 300 made it look horrible.

Imagine my embarrassment. All along, people have, no doubted pitied my blurry images, no doubt laughing at me. And…I had no clue. Ouch.

Decision time. Continue to draw, or quit. With hope fixes wouldn’t be too hard, I plunged down the rabbit hole with my avi. In the end, I would have saved time by redrawing it.

Several interesting problems surfaced. How wide should I draw black border lines? At 72 dpi, a pixel-wide border line clearly marks different items at any level of zoom. Unfortunately, at 300, one pixel wide borders disappear.

And when should I use borders? In all earlier artwork, I used them everywhere. But…did I need them? Do two items with different colors need black borders? I suspect that black borders make images sharper. But I’m not sure.

By accident, I discovered shading surfaces, which further distinguishes items with the same color. Now, at some crude level, I managed to make hues lighter or darker. Maybe that provides the picture with texture.

Two days later, I’ve come to realize that deep and intricate witchcraft swirls about and I’m helpless. I’ve put the before and after images side by side. Please say the second image looks better.

 70 dpi’s 300 dpi’s

Maybe I will draw the others. But it won’t happen overnight.

Especially since I’m back to writing, starting tomorrow. Wooooo hooooo.


2 thoughts on “Cover Art, Pixels, and Swirling Heads

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