Updating My Drawings – From 72 dpi to 300 dpi


Updating My Drawings

Going From 72 dpi to 300 dpi

So…how’s my novelette going, you ask?


…I got sidetracked into cover art. While waiting two weeks to read my first draft, I joined a group on Scrib studying cover design, and learned I suffered from…blurry image.

Rocked to the core, I decided to experiment with a recently added image. Uncertain of the outcome, I redrew it with 300 dpi’s.

And wonder of wonders. I had room for details…maybe too many…but lots of fun.

Then, in my clunky Photoshop knockoff, I discovered shading, and added it. The image needs work, but can wait.

Elated, I turned three recurring characters. Amy, Janet, and Tammy appear in nano-fiction and short stories. One day I might rewrite them, but…

I started with little Amy, an eight year-old. When first imagining her, I was not confident about writing in general, and felt self-conscious introducing Native American characters.

But, I’ve  grown into a stronger writer, and wanted something less generic, more true to who I am. With that, I redrew my sweet girl. I love her all to pieces.

Next came Janet, a witch struggling to live quietly in a quiet neighborhood. In the grip of Harry Potter when conceiving her, I pondered the fate of a Hogwarts graduate turned house-wife.

But, in all honesty, I’d never liked Janet’s image. In a complete departure, I redrew her, moshing Native American with something modern and exotic, letting her true nature escape, unleashing a daring and adventurous person. Needless to say, I went crazy with the fringe I like Janet’s new look better.

But something odd thing emerged with her new image. Viewed in editing mode, looks blurry, but, crystal clear on full-screen. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m saving images, or because I did something to the html code for the page. Most likely research and experimenting will reveal what’s happening. Please don’t force me to redraw her.

My final character, before returning to writing, is Tammy. I added small reminders of her heritage, but, otherwise, let her remain an ordinary girl stranded in Europe. Unhappy with her face, I drew a different one…but don’t know if it works either. Maybe it’s that I have difficulty with noses in face-on view. Maybe this girl has another face-life coming. Ha.

Since Janet had gone toward purple, I changed Tammy to plum. And brick-laid streets seemed more authentic.  And, once again, her character is blurry character in edit mode, but clear in full-screen. Odd.

And, with that, recess has ended…

…time to figure out what the redlines mean to my first draft.

I found time to create an avatar for my current WIP’s Main Character.




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