So…What to Think of Chelson’s First Draft?


So…What To Think?

First Read of Chelson’s Bridge

Read about completing the first draft.


A lot different than reading my original WIP. If I cried upon finishing my first, unashamedly shedding tears, not so this time.


Did I wait long enough letting it sit two weeks, while the first sat ten?

In all honesty, my earlier WIP came with endless struggle and doubt, taking nearly three months, approaching 168,000 words. Chelson wasn’t nearly as hard to conceive or write, taking two weeks, with 14,000 words.

Wait…wait. Back up and begin anew, starting with what a first reading is.

Simple first, finish writing your story, wait a while, then read it, cover to cover. But, how long to wait is key. The longer we wait, the fewer memories we carry into the exercise. With few memories or ideas on our intentions, we will see our tale clearly. Because, with each new contact with our tale, we become further ensnared in thoughts and plans, never again separating words on paper from words in our mind’s eye.

The exercise requires discipline, reading, observing and gathering impressions…but never halting to fix anything. Instead, rush ahead to discover what worked what didn’t. Did the story line promise interesting paths to exotic destinations. Dream of enchanting places if the unfettered story soars into the heavens.

Three things stood out.

First no emotional reaction.

Second will 12,000 words tell Chelson.

Third although poorly expressed, interesting character dynamics lurk with promising conflict.

Now, to organize my notes into piles, turn thoughts into something meaningful, figure out which things become part of my story, and discard others. But most of all, dream ways I might find the story’s true shape.

Good fodder for future posts.

Read about the First Revision.

2 thoughts on “So…What to Think of Chelson’s First Draft?

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