Art For Beyond The Footlights


Beyond The Footlights

Main Character

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I couldn’t stand it anymore.

The not knowing what my Main Character looked like part.

And I couldn’t go on. That has precious little to do with revising my first draft. But, as happens with revisions, I’ve experienced any number of micro revelations. My starting scene begins with my MC performing on stage. And theatrical themes might glue this story together. In time, a working title popped out…Beyond The Floodlights. With all that going, my MC’s artwork caught me by surprise.

So, he struts his stuff, commanding our attention…cock of the walk.

Of course, it would hardly pass muster for real cover art. Covers need photographs. Somewhere, someone has posed in such a way. How long will it take to find him? Maybe my title should be Looking for Mister Good Blade. Ha.

Back to revisions.

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2 thoughts on “Art For Beyond The Footlights

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