Chelson’s Bridge – Trusted Reader Confusion


Trusted Reader Reacts to Chelson’s Bridge


Read about my second revision.


Not hoped for words from my Trusted Reader.

And I’m shocked.

I’d assumed my understanding of craft had improved, along with story structure, particularly the Hero’s Journey.

Wrong…and wrong.

Nor has my skin grown any thicker. It took a bit to move beyond an emotional reaction and discuss her thoughts. She didn’t understand the world view, nor did she get the McGuffen.

One big complaint with my prior WIP centered on…the world view, and throwing readers in without explanation. And I eventually added five scenes. Clearly, with this new story, conveying world-building remains a work in progress.

Nor did she understand what people were struggling over. She dislikes Hitchcock’s view of the object, or the McGuffen as he called it…that the McGuffen itself didn’t matter, only people fighting over it.

In one interesting note, I confirmed the timing for structure feedback. Had I waited until I’d written in character arcs and dialog, I might have written well enough to conceal structure problems. Instead, with otherwise bland writing, she found the warts. Happily, because I’ve invested little in wordage, my own mental concrete hasn’t set up, blocking rethinking scenes and story flow, and it’s easier to conjure different approaches that it will be.

Another small lesson learned involves three days spent editing…a waste of time. Beyond fixing SPaG, had I not polished, I might be done with structure changes instead of getting started.

So…no Revision Three with character arcs for a while.

Read what I did to wiggle off the hook.





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