Chelson’s Bridge – Third Revision Complete


Third Draft Complete

Character Arcs and Dialog

Read about how I fixed  faults discovered by my Trusted Reader .

Third revision…complete…six days.

All character arcs installed…real dialog written.

As my first step, I went through each scene and color coded paragraphs based on the owning character. Because I write Third Person Close, every unclaimed line belongs to the MC. This means no external narrator, and we experience everything through the POV character. In all, I identified the MC and seven others with potentially having arcs.

Then, starting with the least important character with the fewest scenes, I focused on their paragraphs, chasing them through the entire story. In most cases, there wasn’t a great deal of arc. But that wasn’t true for the good friend turned suspicious, the jealous girlfriend, or the indifferent new girl. And the MC ran the Hero’s Journey arc with flaws eventually causing a major problem that he couldn’t fix until he came to terms with them, then went on to defeat the bad-guy. Did he get something he wanted and needed?


Along the way, I wrote mannerisms and quirks. Some I’d planned. For others I used websites offering random traits. For instance, the indifferent girl dislikes people cursing, can’t swim, and panics over spiders. Only cursing came into play in this story.

After that came dialog, again doing it character by character. Initially, I thought to sprinkle in German, Spanish, and Italian words and phrases. But, on reading it…I deleted almost all of them.

Alas, I created another 1,000 words, with no idea how to pare things down.

What’s Next?

Deep editing…my least favorite part of writing. I hope to finish in a week or two.

Read about failing to lower the word count in Revision four.




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