Chelson’s Bridge – It’s Too Big


Chelson’s Bridge – Too Big

What To Do?

Read about completing my Third Draft .

Big time doubt.


I planned to write my story in 12,000 words…but passed that count with the fifteenth scene, and three yet unwritten.

14,800 words…first draft…with zillions of problems.

17,735 words…first revision…plot holes fixed…maybe.

14,543 words…second revision…scene structures fixed.

As I delighted at the impossible, my trusted reader gave me bad news…complete confusion…disconnected plot…and an incomprehensible world. Lots of hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth.

15,561 words…third revision…plot strengthened, world view clearer, maybe…character arcs and real dialog written in…but little hope

Now in the fourth revision, dedicated to heavy editing, I’d hoped to repeat my experience with my last WIP where word-count reductions of 10 – 20% occurred with regularity. Alas, with editing 45% complete, reductions hover at 4%. Unless I’ve written badly with the last half, the final word count probably won’t drop below 15,000.

Where do I go from here?

Finish editing and count again…but it’s like stuffing a size six body into a size four dress. Cant’ wait to see how this turns out? Me too.


Read about Revision Four.




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