Wow…Did I Get It Wrong?


Wow…Did I Get It Wrong?

The Realization Of A Foolish Writer

Read about my Trusted Reader and the second Grimn’s Tale.

What does this have to do with writing an eight story series of 12,000 word novelettes?


How does a newbie write a series?  Write one, publish, and move on to the next? Or, write them all, revising the series where needed, and pushing them out together?

When I started, I rashly assumed I had sufficient command of the craft in general, and story structure in particular, that I could write, revise and edit a novelette every three months, finishing the series in two years. But I struggled with the first story’s word count, eventually settling for 15,000 words. Chastened, I wrote the second, hitting the word count problem again, eventually going to a longer form to finish with 42,000 words. Continue reading