Rewrite? Check That Box


Rewrite?  Check That Box

Starting Over…Sort Of

Read about how wrong I got things on my series.

First story in the series rewritten…four weeks.

I’m trying for 40,000 words. And the first draft came in at 47,840.


Alas, I have too little experience to gaze into a crystal ball and understand if that’s close to the final number.

I need look no further than the second story’s growth from a planned 16,000 words: 22799 —> 35885 —> 42797.

And look at those changes! The first (filling plot holes and scene structure) added almost 60%, and the second (adding characterization and dialog) tossed in another 20%.

So, why should I hope anything different, and that I actually wrote an 80,000 word story?

I wish I knew.

Still, this wasn’t all original material, and I used the original story, plus everything I learned in the second story. Surely that must count for something.

And I went back to story structure basics. And I used the South Park scene summaries to create story flows, along with swallowing my pride and sticking rigorously to single scene types, instead of allowing them to blend. Moreover, I found a new way to use SCAPPLE to help me control my scenes.

All will I share with you in the coming days.

And, how will I fill my time until I pick my story back up?

Stop doing long division in my head to figure out how much I have remaining instead of going to sleep.


Read about applying the South Park approach to rewriting scenes.

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