Rewrite? Corralling BUT and THEREFORE


Rewrite?  Corralling BUT and THEREFORE

Holding The Top Level Story Together

Read about the South Park method for linking scenes together.

In a prior post I introduced the South Park method of linking ideas together using BUT and THEREFORE, before using AND THEN to transform events into scenes. And, along the way, we invented Star and Rocky, two cats, and a moment in time with the Wu family.

So, let’s look at several discarded scenes and my application of South Park’s method. Below is a list of events, with either BUT or THEREFORE added:

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Rewrite? BUT and THEREFORE


Rewrite?  BUT and THEREFORE

Relearning Something I Already Knew

Read about what happened when I rewrote the first story in the series.

So, what constitutes a story?

There’s a famous quote from John le Carre.

“The cat sat on the mat is not a story. The cat sat on the other cat’s mat is a story.”

Something popped into your head, right? Maybe something happened before this. Or, something happens later.

Guess what?

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Rewrite? Check That Box


Rewrite?  Check That Box

Starting Over…Sort Of

Read about how wrong I got things on my series.

First story in the series rewritten…four weeks.

I’m trying for 40,000 words. And the first draft came in at 47,840.


Alas, I have too little experience to gaze into a crystal ball and understand if that’s close to the final number.

I need look no further than the second story’s growth from a planned 16,000 words: 22799 —> 35885 —> 42797.

And look at those changes! The first (filling plot holes and scene structure) added almost 60%, and the second (adding characterization and dialog) tossed in another 20%.

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