Revising Characters – Its All In The Numbers, Right?


Revising Characters – It’s All In The Numbers, Right?

But It Takes Time

Read about my overall approach to character revisions.

Tuesday came and went…no blog post.

And now it’s Thursday…and I’m still not done revising characters.

But I’m afraid that, if I stop posting, I won’t post anymore. And I would hate that. These blogs make me accountable, sort of. And I like doing them. But I feel guilty about not grinding away on my WIP.

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Revising Characters – Arc Lights


Revising Characters – Arc Lights

Shining a Spotlight – An Approach

Read about the quandary after revising my scene structures.

Read about hand wringing after revising my scene structures.

From a craft perspective, how many things do we need for a good story?

In no particular order, I would vote for an interesting plot, memorable characters, and enjoyable prose.

But the right order will lead to less rework. Fix the plot, continue with the characters, and finish with writing style. The quickest way to lose material is by making huge changes to the scene order. With that set, I can bring characters to life without worrying whether their scenes will survive…usually.

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Revising – The End Of Time


Revising – Those Special Snowflakes

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Read about climaxes.

There and back again.

The quest complete.

But when does our tale end? Might we write THE END after the climax, or does unfinished work remain?

Personally…I hate stories which end with the bad guy vanquished. But it took me time to understand those things I should do in advance of bringing the curtain down.

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Revising – Epiphany’s Lightning


Revising – Those Special Snowflakes

How Could I Have Been Such a Ditz?

Read about revising openings.

The MC finally gets it.

Of course, we all saw it coming. How smug and smart we all feel…and devastated.

You know, the part where the MC hits rock bottom after they wrecked everything. And they set this, feeling sorry for themselves, wondering how it all happened. Then…click. They finally understand that thing everyone tried to tell them.

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