Revising Characters – Herding Scenes


Revising Characters – Herding Scenes

Is Herding Cats Easier?

Read about…that unending topic…revising my MC’s arc.

Remember the old Chinese saying about the longest journey beginning with the first step?



But, eighteen days later and I’m finally three-quarters done with my MC. Yikes. I’m finding ways to get two scenes a day, but I’m struggling. When I’m finished with all this, I need to do some serious thinking regarding accelerating this because it’s taking an eternity to finish.

I am shocked, almost beyond words.

Well…not that far. After all, I’m a writer.  Ha.

Anyway, the MC experienced his epiphany and re-won over an important follower. Now he’s off to pull the band back together for one final tour. Ten scenes remain…20,000 words. If I hold true to form, I should finish this part in a week. At a guess, I expect to add another 3,000 words, which will push me through 97,000 words.

With light at the end of the tunnel, I’m considering next steps. I still have the love triangle revisions to do, but I pray they go quicker.

At least I won’t have any real dialog or style choices to install…just content. Wooooo hooooooo.

And I’ve been considering my scenes. Currently, I have forty. But they’ve grown , with the average length reaching 2,400 words, or ten pages. And a number have two separate things going on inside, and I’m considering whether to split, possibly, ten, which would raise the scene count to sixty.

Next time…maybe I get to tell you I’ve finished the MC’s revisions.

Read about finishing my MC’s revisions.

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