Revising Characters – MC Arriving Gate 9 3/4


Revising Characters – MC Arriving Gate 9 3/4

So…How Did I Know I’d Finished?

Read about…that unending struggled with my MC’s arc.

Last night, I typed in the final time my MC used his favorite phrase. He began a sentence with AYE for the last time. And his final line compliments the story’s opening line.

And…I’m done installing his character.

How do I know?

If the list has no empty boxes, we’ve arrived.

And that, in a nutshell, represents an unheralded blessing of planning. We lay out the path, remain pretty true, and, on reaching the end, make sure it looks like the picture, and halt.

If abruptly stopping scares you, consider the last time you made a little speech. Like me. Here I was at a meeting with lots of people, sitting in audience. And somebody said something really, really, stupid, and I leaped to my feet, waving frantically. And when the lady pointed her gavel at me…I tried to figure out how to say what needed saying. And I did my best…but repeated things…without a strong finish…and wasn’t sure when to shut up. Instead, I ran out of steam, shrugged…and slithered into my chair.

Humiliating. Worse…the committee did their worst without blinking an eye.

But…if I’d had a plan, I’d have known ways to object to their plans…and might have changed a few minds.

Back to my story. Does finishing the MC’s characterization mean I’m finished revising?

With all my heart I wish it were so.

Three sub-arcs remain — his relationship to each women in his life, and their relationship to each other. And, since I’ve written no love triangles. Here comes my chance. And I’m anxious to start that journey.

And that’s a different topic.


Read about the first side of the romance triangle.

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